Double Handle Mugs

Our double handle mug is thoughtfully designed for folk who struggle to keep steady a one handle mug. No compromise on the elegance and finish, available in all designs except the lustres, showing here in the popular Horizontal Stripey.

Fully tested to ensure that these delightful artifacts are not just great to have and to hold, but easy to use everyday! As with all the Reckless Range, we fire to high temperatures delivering a robust pot.

The original idea to create this range of mugs came as a result of one lady M.S. sufferer seeing the regular large tapered mugs that we produced for the QE 2 Jubilee. She noticed that the generous proportions of the handle enabled her to get a very firm grip of the mug given the somewhat limited movement she has in her hands. She contacted us and asked if we could produce a two handled version. We did this and she came along for a fitting as it were, the prototype was still a little tight on the handles so we made the second one with the extra large handles which was perfect for her requirements.

We then contacted the M.S. society and the Rheumatoid Arthritis Society and they have both shown a great deal of enthusiasm in the range of products.

Our special range can currently be ordered and supplied individually or in packs by calling 01594 810504 with your size and colour preference (red, blue, yellow, candy).